Flash Optimizer

Flash Optimizer 2.4

Reduce compression time for SWF files without losing quality

Flash can be one of the most impressive additions to any website but it can also be one of the most sluggish and bandwidth hogging. View full description


  • Compresses Flash files up to 60-70%
  • Easy to launch and use
  • Speeds up website loading times


  • Compressions involves slight loss of quality


Flash can be one of the most impressive additions to any website but it can also be one of the most sluggish and bandwidth hogging.

Flash Optimizer is designed to make Flash less bloated and faster to load in your website. It's a simple tool for web designers and Flash developers, allowing you to reduce the size of your SWF files by up to 60-70%. Flash Optimizer does this using a range of algorithms of vectors, shapes, morphing, fonts and other optimizations.

The Flash Optimizer user interface is simple enough for those without Flash programming knowledge to use. When you open Flash Optimizer you're presented with two types of compression configuration - simple and advanced, the latter offering more than 50 separate tweaks and adjustments. The latest version of Flash Optimizer is even simpler to use than before too because you can open multiple tabs according to how many files you want to compress. Flash Optimizer does more than compress graphics and animations though - it also allows you to compress sound which can constitute a large part of any Flash file.

Flash Optimizer is a simple utility that may or may not speed up the time it takes for your Flash animations and graphics to load in your website.


  • Added: full Flash CS5 support
  • Improved: video, images and shapes optimization
  • Fixed: minor bugs of the compression process

Optimize and compress Macromedia Flash files

Eltima Flash Optimizer for Mac manages to dramatically compress SWF files up to 60-70% as it offers total control over each and every optimization option. This allows you to reach the most effective and quick compression specifically for your Flash file. Choosing predefined parameters of optimization, select any type of default compression settings from a drop-down list to apply its settings. To take advantage of batch compression add necessary Flash files to the task list and optimize them all at once with a single click. In the task list you will see file sizes before and after optimization, which helps to balance between good quality of Flash Movies and their size when triggering compression settings. The main purpose of such optimization is to compress Flash files with the least quality loss and optimize them for faster download. In web terms it is speed, interactivity, reliability and quality. Adjust compression settings for every single parameter of Flash optimization to achieve highest optimization ratio. Save settings to access them quickly later for optimization of similarly structured Flash files. So you can compress largest parts of Flash files and cut down unnecessary elements. "SWF Info" shows details on a Flash movie structure, size of shapes, images, morphs, sounds, fonts and other elements that it contains before and after compression. This statistic gives important information which might help choose compression parameters for a specific Flash file. Programs' intellectual interface is easy-to use and provides fully customizable controls. Eltima Flash Optimizer for Mac is very opportune and highly effective in use for Multimedia designers, Flash developers, web-designers, web-programmer, for professionals who use Flash technology to deliver information, entertainment and unforgettable experience on the web and offline and for those who occasionally use Flash, but are equally concerned about the size of output SWF files of their work.

Flash Optimizer


Flash Optimizer 2.4